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Blotterature is an online literary magazine, started in August 2013 by a few Region Rats who came together via The Literary Underground and college. “Blotterature” is an obsolete term that means non-high-brow literature, or non-elite. Essentially, it’s writing for the masses. Or, literature for the people. However, the staff at Blotterature believes that good literature can be for the people and not just for the “in-crowd” of literary folks, and that it doesn’t necessarily take a highly-trained artist to produce good literature, either. Therefore, our mission is to merge the creative academia with the underground, as there is value in both sides of the spectrum.

Blotterature Lit Mag Shorts Issue March 2015

Blot Cover_ Shorts


Blotterature Lit Mag Volume 2, Issue 1


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